Federal Tax Return / Financial Services

Federal Tax Return / Financial Services

Federal Tax Return / Our Services

Proffitt and Associates is a full service tax and financial management service. Proffitt and Associates can lessen your financial burden by taking a holistic approach to finances and tax obligations. The best way to eliminate tax problems is to prevent them from occurring in the first place!

Our financial management services can cultivate orderly and organized tax strategies that can forecast necessary outlays, designed to minimize taxation burdens. January first is one day too late to facilitate any tax shelters you may have qualified for.

Ongoing financial planning is the ultimate preventative to calculating an after the fact federal tax return - and finding what you could have done!

When it gets down to preparing taxes, an enrolled agent is your best bet. And enrolled agent covers what a CPA does, but unlike a CPA, is required by the government to undergo continuation on a regular basis to keep abreast of changing IRS regulations and criteria. An enrolled agent can represent you all the way - from federal tax return preparation to appearing before the IRS in cases of audits, etc.

Amber Proffitt is an Enrolled Agentand President of Proffitt & Associates LLC. She serves several states in a diverse base in a variety of industries. Ms Proffitt is responsible for overseeing the work flow of operations to achieve the maximum staff productivity and client satisfaction.

Ms Proffitt entered the field of Real Estate Accounting and Advisory in 2007. Working in the real estate industry she branched out, as of 2012, to begin her company in 2013. With many years of experience in financial management, tax planning and advisory she is tasked to setting the highest standards of quality control for her clients.

Tax Preparation Wash DC Starting business in 2012, we have established a great deal of clientele in many states. We have 2 locations (Connecticut and DC).

Coming from a Real Estate Accountant to an Agent, Amber Proffitt has serviced in Taxation and Accounting since 2009 with the hopes to continue servicing all business and individuals to meet their needs.

With the professionalism, hardwork and integrity, Proffitt & Associates has been servicing over 7 years in continue to expand in the future.

Our Mission

The mission of Proffitt & Associates Firm is to continue meeting all professional, financial and tax needs. Our firm will maintain strong growth as a provider of high quality professional services to our clients.

Sam’s Registration: Active

Credit Card Acceptance: Yes

Business Size: Small Business

Minoriy-Women Owned

Federal Tax Return, IRS Representation, Financial Management and Consulting Wash DC
Proffitt & Associates

2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 4th Floor East
Washington, DC 20037

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Phone: 301-798-4051

Fax: 301-979-7002


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AP Bookkeeping and Tax Firm is our subsidary Office.

We are registered with the US Government Under "SAM". Please review our Capability Information. If any questions feel free to contact us.


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