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We handle IRS Negotiations on a legal and voluntary basis in numerous industries. Because we believe that representation and consulting go hand-in-hand, we develop strategic action recommendations and improvement suggestions based on the findings from our consulting session with you.

Not only do we guarantee the high quality of our audits and consulting sessions through our skills and know-how, as well as the extensive experience and reliability of our review, but we also confirm our services through a legally prescribed external quality control check.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Taxpayers sometimes get caught up in a serious IRS tax issue; not from their own actions but perhaps because of the actions of a spouse. Given this situation, the IRS offers what’s known as "Innocent Spouse Relief". In order to help taxpayers that are being subjected to a tax problem like this, the IRS has developed guidelines whereby a person might qualify as an “innocent spouse”.

This means that if it can be proven that the you fit into these guidelines, then you may not be subject to the tax problems caused by the current or former spouse

Injured Spouse Relief

If you file a joint return and all or part of your refund is applied against your spouses’ past-due federal tax, state income tax, child or spousal support or federal non-tax debt, such as a student loan, you may be entitled to injured spouse relief.

To be considered for injured spouse relief, you must have made and reported tax payments, such as federal income tax withheld from wages or estimated tax payments, or claimed a refundable tax credit, such as the earned income credit or additional child tax credit on the joint return, and not be legally obligated to pay the past-due amount.

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