Amber Proffitt

Amber Proffitt

Amber Proffitt, is the President of the Company. She graduated from Albertus Magnus College, receiving a BS Degree in Accounting. Further, she earned a Certified Enrolled Agent License as a Federally Authorized Practitioner for 9 years with expertise in Taxation (authorized by the Internal Revenue Services). She has assisted in Tax Representation Groups.
What is a bank levy and how it works

What Is a Bank Levy and How It Works

During times of financial crunch, it is really not uncommon to fall behind on bills and debts that you owe. But, if you fail to keep up with your payments for longer than imaginable, you may face a bank levy,…


How IRS Can Remove Penalties and Interest

The filing season of taxes is counting. And every year, multiple people fall behind to pay their debt in full, causing them to experience significant penalties and interest. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has evaluated and the results show that…

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Will Tax Audit Increase in 2023?

The IRS can often use returns from the previous three years in an audit. They may add more years if we find a significant inaccuracy. Typically, we only go back a maximum of six years.  An audit is a check,…