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Proffitt & Associates, INC ensures to provide you with wholesome services towards your case.

Booking a consultation with us includes:

3-Steps Towards Your Peace of Mind

Step 1
Introductory Call

Team members of Proffitt & Associates will have an introductory call with you.

Step 2
Information Gathering

Our team would gather all the relevant information regarding the IRS and the case from you.

Step 3
Filling IRS Case

Our team would set in action as your legal IRS Representative, filing the case and fighting against IRS.

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Amber Proffitt
Amber Proffitt

President of Proffitt & Associates, INC

Amber Proffitt
Tyrell Spradley

Enrolled Agent

Joe Hopkins
Joe Hopkins

Certified Public Accountant

Julie Lynch
Julie Lynch

Former IRS Agent & Enrolled Agent

Michael D. Sullivan
MD. Sullivan

Former IRS Agent

Herb cantor
Herb Cantor

Former Appeals Officer, IRS Revenue Agent

How to Protect Yourself From An IRS Audit

Financial stress can take a toil on your health in no time. Taking some simple measures can help you save yourself from an IRS audit.

Consult with Reliable Professional

Be it your mental health or financial, consulting a legal advisor or a professional in the field is always a better option when it comes to Taxation or Audits. An IRS representative should be reliable, expert and always reachable when you need consultation.

Hold On to Truth

Keep a track of your records and numbers. There’s always a good chance that you can be questioned on your incomes, deductions and several other figures. Always do your homework. Be on-tips to support any questionable or other digits claimed on your returns to protect yourself from IRS Audit.

Keep Documentation Handy

If it’s a six-digit number on your returns, you are more likely to receive an Audit. Thus, always keep the relevant paperwork, tax receipts, donation records and other documents related to your income, wages, and other records handy to support your deductions.

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3-Steps Towards Your Peace of Mind
Introductory Call

Our skilled financial advisor will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry!

Gathering Information

One of our tax professionals will gather all of the required information and documents for your tax solution and analysis. For utmost protection and secrecy, your data is stored on our secure gateway.

Filing an IRS

We then match your request with our closest domain advisor, who will address your tax needs.

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