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Proffitt & Associates Tax Planning and Wealth Strategies

Most businesses and individuals fail to plan for their taxes when it comes to financial planning. Much of it is due to a lack of profound knowledge of taxes and wealth strategies. This is right where Proffit & Associates expertise comes in to help you not only understand but build a successful taxation and financial Strategy.

The purpose of a tax planning service is to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay. It entails identifying ways to minimize your tax liabilities and making the most of any tax credits or deductions that you’re qualified for.

On the other hand, wealth strategies help you build and manage your wealth over time. A few examples of these strategies include investing in stocks, real estate, or other assets, saving and budgeting, and planning for retirement.

Contact us for the best tax strategy to help you lower your tax bills and save more money on your income. You’ll be consulted on such methods that will legally help you generate assets and plan a life with security. Don’t sell yourself short. We are here to represent you with your tax issues and to guide you in your financial planning needs.


Plan Your Retirement With Proffitt & Associates, INC

Why ignore an opportunity to save yourself a luxury with cost-effective strategies on Tax and Financial Planning with Proffit & Associates, INC? We will help you clearly understand the tax implications of different retirement strategies and advise you on the best course of action based on your financial situation.

And here are four reasons why you should choose our financial planning and tax services: understanding tax laws inside out, maximizing tax benefits, planning for retirement, and letting us coordinate with other financial advisors to help you achieve your retirement goals.

We would Represent, Strategise and Manage:

Life insurance (Index Universal Life)

We can help you determine the tax implications of life insurance in order to minimize any negative tax consequences. And we can ensure that you are taking fair advantage of all feasible tax breaks.


Our tax advisory services can help you understand the tax obligations, implications, and ways to leverage any opportunities available for you without violating the regulations.

SEP (Self Employment Pension)

We can help you with your self-employment pensions in endless ways. Such as setting up a pension plan, maximizing contributions, determining the tax implications of pension plan distributions, filing taxes on pension plan income, and using a pension plan in estate planning.

Private Family Foundation

We can help you determine the best-in-class type of foundation for your needs and take care of all the tasks (paperwork and other administrative tasks) involved in setting up the foundation. And you don’t have to worry about obtaining tax-exempt status, filing tax returns, managing charitable contributions, or ensuring compliance with tax rules. We will take care of everything involved with the foundation.

Corporate Trust/Foundation

We can help you navigate the complex tax laws and regulations that apply to you by providing our wholesome guidance and support. And so you can trust us to maximize the benefits of the trust or foundation while remaining in compliance.

Solo 401k's

When establishing and managing retirement plans, you may run into a number of issues. That’s exactly where we come in and help you resolve the issues quickly through our tax advising service. We can advise you on how to structure the Solo 401(k) efficiently while remaining compliant and minimizing tax liability. And we can provide end-to-end assistance through the preparation and implementation of a solo 401(K) by being your best-in-class tax consulting firm. Do you have any queries about our tax planning service or tax advising service?

Tax Planning & Management Services

An integral part of your wealth is obtained through strategic tax planning & wealth management. As your representatives and consultants, we would gladly share our knowledge with you. The key to wealth management is to consider plants on tax deductions in the long term and payments. Thus, tax planning is integral to wealthy living.

A rightly enrolled agent would also take care of legal matters that have an impact on one’s taxes, which in turn impact the entire financial plan. That’s right where you can put your trust in Proffitt & Associates, inc., as our nationwide team and success rates ensure that you are being represented by the best team in the US!

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