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Proffitt & Associates is one of the leading financial planning and IRS Tax Representation firm in Maryland and Beyond.

It is led by Amber Proffitt, the president of P&A is graduated from Albertus Magnus College with a BS degree in accounting. Further, she earned a Certified Enrolled Agent License as a Federally Authorized Practitioner for 9 years with expertise in taxation (authorized by the Internal Revenue Services). She has assisted in Tax Representation Groups as well utilizing her knowledge over the years, she has been entrusted with several essential roles in Budgeting, Research, tax law, financial and tax planning, consulting, analysis, and even the drafting of depositions for the IRS.

The responsibilities associated with such roles have allowed her to gain expertise in tax record management, penalty negotiations, and back tax preparation for small businesses, corporate entities, and individuals.

How Can We Help You?

IRS Tax Representation

IRS Tax Representation

No more IRS battles! We know how stressful tax audits can be. And that’s why our experts steer the complexities of tax regulations for you. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about IRS representation anymore! Because we identify the red flags for you. How? We help you identify areas of concern that may be flagged by IRS auditors! What’s more? We represent you during an audit, negotiate with the IRS and appeal a tax decision.

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Tax Debt Settlement

Tax Debt Settlement

Tax debt detol could be your ticket to financial relief! First things first, we’ll understand your tax debt, develop a comprehensive settlement strategy, and negotiate with the IRS to achieve the most favorable outcome. There’s MORE! We’ll go the extra mile to reduce your tax liabilities, eliminate or minimize penalties, and get negotiable payment arrangements. From Installment plans, short-term payment plans to long-term payment plans — we’ll get you what you qualify for!

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Tax Preparation & Filing

Tax Preparation & Filing

Say goodbye to your tax anxiety! Don’t do the labor. We’re here to do that for you! How? We ensure accurate and timely tax preparation, meticulously reviewing your financial information, identifying eligible deductions and credits. There’s more to this. We take care of unfiled tax returns, Corporate Tax Filing, and Individual Income Tax Filing too! And no, we didn’t forget about your tax obligations and rights. Leave the paperwork to us!


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Owe Back Taxes

Owe Back Taxes

Back Taxes are scary. Every year, so many Americans face the threat of back taxes. But, there’s a solution. We’ll go through your situation, develop customized strategies, and negotiate on your behalf. What’s more? We’ll work tirelessly to find the best solution for you, whether it’s establishing manageable repayment plans or exploring alternative options! Want to resolve your back taxes? Gather W-2 form and 1099 forms, explore relief programs, and negotiate a settlement plan. No, you won’t do it alone. We’ll do it for you!

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Tax & Financial Planning

Tax & Financial Planning

Leave tax planning in the hands of experts! We know how important strategic tax and financial planning is. And don’t worry, we’re here to remove all your stress with the right plan. We build you a tailored plan to minimize tax liabilities, maximize financial growth and push you toward your long-term goals. Well, the whole point of tax and financial planning is to reduce the amount of taxes you owe. And often, the most neglected of those is investing in wealth strategies for a secure future. Need help in Annuities, SEP or Solo 401k’s? Trust us. We’ll work for you!

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Offer in Compromise

Offer in Compromise

Reduce the offer with an Offer in Compromise! Has it become difficult for you to pay the entire tax amount? No worries! With reasonable cause, we can negotiate an Offer in Compromise (OIC). Leave the technicalities to the experts! We’ll assess your eligibility, prepare compelling OIC proposals, and negotiate with the IRS to settle your tax debt for less than the original amount owed. What do we need from you? A reasonable cause, completed Form 656, and a letter describing your situation. But, here’s the deal, we’ll guide you through the process!

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Secure your future with life insurance! Think about it – it’s just as important as getting a new gadget. The only difference? The gadget can break, but your life insurance stays with you at the toughest times of your LIFE! Confused about which insurance is for you? From Whole-life Insurance, Index Universal Life Insurance to Final Expense Insurance – our specialists will assist you in selecting the right life insurance policy to secure you and your loved ones. Have a stress-free life knowing that your future is secure! Because why risk your life when you indeed have an option?

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Amber Proffitt

Certified Enrolled Agent & Practicing Taxation empowered by the IRS for 9 years.

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Our tax consulting company has a nationwide team with a cumulative experience of more than 200 years, consisting of Former IRS Tax Agents, Legal IRS Consultants, Enrolled Agents, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and Financial Planners.

Proffitt & Associates are here to boil down your stress into the peace of mind when it comes to Taxation and IRS-related matters. Our team is spread across the nation, and we’ve been featured on major news channels and in articles advising on tax and IRS-related matters.

So why is there a delay? Let us help you right now with your financial difficulties! Experience complete peace of mind when it comes to taxes or the IRS following you, thanks to Proffitt & Associates.

Meet the Best Tax Planners & IRS Representation Specialists From Proffitt & Associates!

Tyrell Spradley

Enrolled Agent

Joe Hopkins

Certified Public Accountant

MD. Sullivan

Former IRS Agent

Herb Cantor

Former Appeals Officer, IRS Revenue Agent

Peter Salinger

EA, Former IRS Revenue Officer and IRS Appeals Settlement Officer

Julie Lynch

Former IRS Agent & Enrolled Agent

Accountant Tyrell Spradley breaks down the Advance Child Tax Credit

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