What Does It Mean When A Attorney Offers a “Free Consultation?”

Many lawyers mention about a “free consultation” on the website just as you open their page. Attorneys, like anyone else, have limited time on their clock. For earning a living, lawyers charge hour by hour. In other cases, several lawyers also charge a flat fee for a given period of time.

There are a variety of lawyers, too, who charge a contingent fee. For a contingent fee, attorneys only get paid if they push the case to a win – meaning that they bag a percentage of the total pot won on your behalf. 

What is a free consultation with an attorney?

A lawyer sits down with you in case of a free consultation, hears your thoughts and difficulties, and clues you in to what to do initially – all free of charge. This helps you get a glimpse at how your attorney is, and it gives a chance to your attorney to know you well. This helps you get both a free consultation with attorney, and a viewpoint about your case. By the end of the day, you are free to decide whether or not you want to continue walking with the attorney’s steps. This is how any appointment with an attorney with free consultation looks like.

Many ask what is a free consultation lawyer? Now might as well be the best time to disclose. So, why exactly does an attorney offer a free consultation? Or, how to even proceed with an open discussion? Read more to find out in detail!

What is a Consultation with an Attorney?

A consultation with an attorney is a chance for prospective clients to settle a meet up in order to talk through their legal difficulties. This is exactly where you will be open to discussing all the legal needs you have.

During the time frame of the consultation, the attorney is going to present you a questionnaire. They are going to ask for an informative description and summary of what your legal case looks like. Here, it is best to be as concise as possible to help the attorney wave on with your steps. However, what is free consultation with an attorney? Read ahead to find out!

What is a Free Consultation Attorney?

A free consultation with an attorney is simply having the freedom to talk to them about your case prior to the person charging you to start representing the case with their law firm or office. Simply, it is the liberty to talk to a lawyer for free, and further decide whether or not you want them to proceed forward with your legal issues. 

The free consultation they offer you is an introduction both about your legal case and about how your background is related to it. That being said, most attorneys are known to work well within their arena and can potentially tackle almost all cases well enough to get their client the money expected to settle the case. 

However, when a large one is to settle, or a sophisticated legal issue comes the way of people, they actively treasure an attorney who is experienced in what they are doing. The only reason why clients look for experienced attorneys is because they have a grip over the situation in front of them, especially because they potentially have handled something like it before.

There can be a pile of representations to discuss. From the need of a real estate contract review or a defence against an arrest by the DUI, to matters which surround starting a business idea, or petitioning ownership – this consultation can be one of the several issues pending to discuss. 

Once this discussion now moves past your difficulties, the attorney now briefs about what some legal remedies are that they are going to make on your behalf. They will walk you through their steps on how to settle the case in the best manner. 

During this time, it is best to discuss all types of questions that might and potentially will occur someday forward. For example, you can ask them about the success rate they have achieved over time, or what their additional costs might tether to. Chances are, the conversation will get better and communicative.

However, it is equally important to note that, during the time of a free consultation with an attorney, they are liable only to answer things “generally”, and not entirely specific to your matter. It is only in the process that an attorney-client relationship will be forged together.

How to Consult with a Lawyer?

Consulting a lawyer is always a possible idea when facing the roots of any form of legal case. When consulting a lawyer, treasure the one who focuses on their practice and the issue at hand.

However, before consulting your lawyer, learn where they come from and how much time you can invest for their assistance. You can consult a lawyer online, offline or pick an appointment for an in-office meet. Prior to it, however, determine the scope of representation you are trying to avail from them.

From availing a connection online from websites to meet with a potential match, to selecting who to meet manually – the ultimate goal is to find the best fit. While exploring how to Consult with a Lawyer, evaluate all consultation services you have at hand. Find out what aim they have when offering you their assistance, as well as whether the service aligns with your idea. 

It is important to also ask your lawyer the strategy they have for your case, alongside what their expected outcomes look like. This is basically you asking them about the legal plan they have in the back of their minds. Also equally dig out whether the tax consulting services you are thinking to move forward with are willing to settle and if they are open to discussing mediation or arbitration as options. 

In all demands and actions, it is not you against your attorney – but you and the individual standing opposite. Thus, it is always the best outcome that your attorney’s thoughts have lined up with what you needed out of the circumstance.

How do you Get a Free Consultation with an Attorney?

Finding the right start with the conversation might be difficult, yet getting a free consultation is not. Most lawyers have begun offering one free consultation, but how many of them give quality as well? In all cases, you can get your free consultation with an attorney simply by making an appointment, whether online or offline. The choice remains at your hand. 

Once you have done the same, discuss with them in brief what your current scenario looks like.  As tax advising services, they will listen to you ardently. Offering them the whole story from your end and evaluating the decisions together might just be the right thought to proceed with. 

Note that neither the internet is a lawyer, and nor is it going to solve the problems at hand with one Google query. With legal services from us, you will book yourself into a discussion where all the scenarios, good or bad, will be assessed minutely, one by one. 

Any real legal issue requires someone who offers full attention to the case. Here, you will get not only the attention that your case needs, but an unmatched assistance you have probably not experienced prior. Get a real, free consultation service with us too. We are here to listen to you. 

How do you Find an Attorney who Provide Free Consultation?

The simplest way to find an attorney who is going to provide a free consultation is by researching who is willing to, at this point, in the market.

An attorney with free consultation can only be availed once, after which, if you have chosen to move ahead – only then will the conversation go forward. The first step toward finding an attorney is by knowing what they are willing to offer in one go. A free consultation with attorney requires you to pre-discuss with them the time slot, availability, and type of meeting they are open to go ahead with. 


The Attorney-Client relationship we offer is above all the trust and effort we collectively put forward. Here, we offer both free and paid consultations in order for you to learn more about the law we are presenting to you. All consultations we offer are made of endeavour, and an aim to accomplish your legal goals. So, why not sit over someday and discuss if Proffitt & Associates can be any assistance you might need?

Amber Proffitt
Amber Proffitt

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